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Why We Need To Sing To God

In the Bible we read in several places about people singing new songs to God. In the Old Testament we find new songs commemorating something miraculous that God had done and were used to celebrate those moments. One book in particular, Psalms, is full of songs praising God, as well as bringing raw human emotions, the highs and the lows, to God. In the New Testament we even find Jesus participating in the singing of a song, and we are urged by authors to sing to God.

Today, I am writing to you as a guitar playing songwriter. From the first moment my mom arranged for me and my sister to receive free guitar lessons from a kind brother in Christ at our church, I have loved connecting with God through music and song. Many songs have been written and sung throughout my life in my journey with Christ, but as life has gotten busier with more responsibilities, it has been easier to find myself going long periods of time without picking up my guitar, and having a moment's uninterrupted time alone to spend with God and my guitar.

Today, I picked up my guitar, locked the doors, and boy does something feel different. I felt some distance, not from God, but from myself towards God. You see, all of this time I have spent not picking up my guitar hasn't necessarily been time away from studying about God, talking about God, and even talking to God throughout the day. Still, I find myself writing this blog because I now see why it is crucial to sing to God, whether alone, or within our gatherings. Both are important in their own ways, but today I will focus on why we should sing to God in the privacy of our daily life.

There is something vulnerable about sitting in a room, essentially saying, "God, I am here to meet with you and to sing to you. I am open to receive from you whatever you would do in my heart or bring to my mind." There is no book to hide behind. Just words, your own heart, mind, and God. No place to be fake. Just the reality of your relationship with Him. Your life completely exposed to God. Sure, you can sing to God a song, but was your heart in it, and not just your mind and your voice?

Sometimes, people can feel that if you enter this vulnerable place, either through music, or in prayer, and you feel nothing inside of you or don't feel like you received anything from God in that moment, it's a reflection of a failure on your part, or like God is silent. However, over time I've come to learn that it is good not to have any expectations about what our time with God should be like, except to come sincerely before Him. Today, my mind wandered, and still, God was able to remind me how important singing to God really is in my relationship with Him in a unique way.

As far as singing a new song to God, often people think you need to be a good singer or gifted at this, but says who? It's not in the Bible that only good singers ought to sing a new song to the Lord. Give Him your best. In your private life, make space for a spontaneous melody and the words that flow out of your heart. Put them together and offer them to God. He is a glad listener. What's most important is that you're connecting with God in such a vulnerable and honest manner, and this can only strengthen your relationship with Him. It helps us be aware of how near He is to us and how relevant everything we learn about Him is in our life. Besides, God deserves to be praised by the ones who love Him.

(Leave in the comments your favorite Bible verse that you are reminded of as you read this blog.)

Here's mine: "Sing to Him a new song; Play skillfully with a shout of joy." Psalm 33:3


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