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There are several things involved in producing the videos and music I share online. If you would like to help me make improvements or to fund the fees that are involved, please prayerfully consider becoming a monthly patron or give a one time donation.Thank you for your support!


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"I feel like your perspective comes from a students view when you speak. A lot of us are just trying to learn and a lot more Christians need content like this. Its like we are learning together with you doing the research."

-A Patron

"I enjoy your soft tone, and thoughtful, follow up questions. It's very refreshing."

-A Patron

"I just wanted to send you a message and tell you how encouraging your YouTube videos have been."

-A YouTube Viewer

"I became a christian because of Jesus, but the reason I am still a christian is the teachings of some good christian apologists like you, who strengthened my belief in Jesus."

-A YouTube Viewer

Current and Previous Supporters
Abby R. | Tiko Rodriguez | Silbano Lopez | Ruth Garcia | Bob A. | Enrique Acuna | Jordan Thornburg | Douglas Morales | Obdulia Alvarado | Disciplined By God | Saved By Grace

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