West, Benjamin. The Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise. 1791. 

Women & Christianity

Wesley Huff
Director of Central Canada for Apologetics Canada
Wess Huff
YouTube Channel

0:00 Introduction & Huff's Background
8:30 Views of Women in the Ancient World
19:07 Equality Progression of Both Genders
24:15 Could God have been more clear in O.T.?
32:33 Ancient World Influence of Non-Monogamy?
41:36 Roman & Gnostic Views of Women
48:40 Submission Teachings in the Bible
57:37 Impact of Jesus on the Status of Women
1:05:17 Huff's Resources

Further Resource:

Dominion by Tom Holland


Women & Judaism

Dr. Michael L. Brown
Founder of AskDrBrown Ministries
ASKDrBrown YouTube Channel

0.00 My Experience Learning About Dr.Brown
3:17 Brown's Background
8:28 How Christians Should Disagree
13:19 What exactly qualifies someone as a Jew?
16:15 What is the Talmud?
22:29 Are women encouraged to study Talmud?
28:35 Talmud Quotes in Apologetics Books
30:34 Brown's Encouragement & Resources
Further Resources:
Christian Antisemitism by Dr. Michael L. Brown, PHD
My Jewish Learning: Women In Rabbinic Literature 
Sefaria: Jewish Texts


Women & Islam


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Biblical Egalitarianism


Allison & Nick Quient
Founders of Podcast The Split Frame of Reference
New Testament Theologist YouTube Channel

0.00 The Quients' Background
3:11 What is Egalitarianism?
4:05 Experiences About Complementarianism
13:07 Seriousness Of Debate
21:28 Reasons in Favor of Egalitarianism
39:12 Impact on Marriage & Ministry
Further Resource:
"Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine" by Nick & Allison Quient 


0:00 Quient's Background & Education
10:00 Topic of Women A Passion?
14:12 Are Men Interested in this Topic?
20:55 Limited Knowledge of Women in Early Church
24:47 Complementarian, Egalitarian, Patriarchy  
30:51 Women in the New Testament
41:02 Garden of Eden Fall Impact on Genders
49:25 Was Patriarchy God's Idea in Old Testament?
55:18 The Holy Spirit & Spiritual Gifts
1:06:46 What does 1 Timothy 2:12 actually teach? 
1:19:01 Male Leadership in Home but not Church?
1:22:25 Hermeneutics pro-lgbtq vs egalitarians
1:27:30 Quient's New Testament woman crush?
1:30:02 Egalitarian views & brownie points with wife?
1:33:26 Recommended Resources




Eric Hernandez
Apologetics Lead for Texas Baptists
Eric Hernandez YouTube Channel

0:00 Hernandez's Background
1:35 Worldview answers abortion questions best?
7:13 Personhood & Location / S.L.E.D Test
11:08 Christian Worldview Foundation Answers
14:11 Defective Babies & Female Babies 
16:31 When does life begin?
22:59 What is the soul?
35:17 Trotting Out The Toddler
49:54 In Vitro Fertilization & Surrogate Mothers
53:19 Ability To Feel Pain
56:31 What if the mother's life is in jeopardy?
1:04:22 Miscarriages & Aborted Babies in Heaven?
1:09:57 Is Abortion Moral?
1:14:02 Should Christians Advocate For Abortion?
1:16:29 Can other worldviews argue for morality?
1:19:04 Laws Against Abortion All Christian?
1:22:15 Women's Body Rights?
1:25:45 Political Involvement vs Nationalism
1:29:05 Hernandez's Resources

Further Resources:

Body & Soul: Human Nature The Crisis In Ethics by J.P. Moreland and Scott B. Rae

"Meet Gabby Gingras: The Girl Who Feels No Pain" 

Eric and Lawyer Debate Video

Eric Hernandez S.L.E.D. Test Video



Men & Christianity


Demetrius Colbert
Derrik Behler
David Bousquet
Caleb Garza
Bill Stolk