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Thornhill, Sir James. Paul Preaching in the Areopagus. 1729-31. 

Getting Started in Christian Apologetics

Before & After Apologetics
3 Reasons I (Mistakenly) Avoided Apologetics

Start Here Christian Apologetics
4 Steps I Wish Someone Had Told Me

What Do You Believe?
Try This To Better Know What You Believe

Apologetics In Everyday Life

Apologetics & Lament

Dr. Douglas Groothuis
Author, Professor of Philosophy at Denver University

Further Resources:
Christian Apologetics by Dr. Douglas Groothuis
Walking Through Twilight by Dr. Douglas Groothuis 

Is Apologetics Optional?

Is Apologetics Optional?

Brian Auten 
Founder of The Apologetics 315 Podcast

Chad Gross 
Founder of Truthbomb Apologetics
Further Resource:
A New Kind of Apologist edited by Sean McDowell

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