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Do We Have To Participate In Halloween?

Today is October 31st. It's Halloween for some, the day Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses for others, or a day that raises a lot of questions, in particular to Christian parents. As someone that didn't even go to school on Halloween as a child, when I became a parent I began to search for what it is that I believe about this day that so many celebrate.

I was torn because I wanted to dress up my babies, but was met with looks and comments when I did from well meaning people. I also noticed that churches and some Christians use this day as an opportunity to evangelize. I went all out one Halloween in particular, handing out candy and church invitations, so I understand why many people see it as simply a fun day to do something with the kids and neighbors.

Still, I had many questions that I didn't feel satisfied leaving unanswered. This article is for someone that feels the way I did a few years ago, that wanted to feel peace about lingering questions concerning whether it is the right choice to begin a Halloween tradition with your children. Not too long ago, I remember posting a video where I shared my feelings on this, and I received a message telling me that I was making the wrong choice as a parent to skip halloween and my kids would resent it. Again, probably a well meaning person.

I just so happen to be the person that I was being warned about, growing up not celebrating Halloween, except I do not harbor any resentment towards my parents. I simply understand that my parents felt conviction about this and it was their responsibility and right to make a decision for our family. As an adult now, I find myself having to make my own decision as well, and I don't want to make it lightly.

Actually, my husband and I already made that decision last year. So this year, it wasn't something on my mind as in other years. My kids have even taken our decision very well. They understand the reasons why we choose not to participate in Halloween anymore, and that we don't want to make others feel bad if they do. Everyone has the right to choose what they want to do.

Here are a few reasons why we don't feel we need to make October 31st be Halloween for us personally in our home:

  1. Doing something because everyone else is doing it isn't a good reason to do something.

  2. We don't make light of the supernatural and understand that there are people that do practice the dark things that Halloween seems to caricature.

  3. We don't need candy from strangers, especially since it's not good for our teeth or bodies to consume so much sugar.

  4. We can have fun as a family on that day without needing to involve Halloween.

  5. We can celebrate a harvest festival pumpkin patch at home or go to one when the pandemic isn't a concern another year.

  6. We can dress up any day, or on other special events.

  7. We don't need to worry about lingering questions.

  8. Children grow up and make their own decisions, but as long as they are still young, their parents need to make decisions for them, like what we will celebrate in our family.

If you'd like to see my videos related to this topic, I will share them below. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe day!


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