How Can I Become A
Follower Of Jesus?


In this video, Dr. Craig Keener clarifies what a follower of Jesus must believe and some necessary steps.
Ph.D. in New Testament and Christian Origins from
Duke University
New Testament scholar on Bible background

This video explores what the Bible says about the end times, or the end of the world, also known as "Eschatology".  We discuss topics like prophecy in the Old Testament about the Messiah and the second coming, different views held by Christians on the end times, how we are to live mindful about eternity and how it impacts our lives and others, and more!

Jesus Is Coming Again?

Dr. Craig Keener

Ph.D. University of Aberdeen
Systematic theologian, professor for Talbot’s Institute
for Spiritual Formation

This video explores what the Bible says about prayer, what exactly it means to pray, what happens when we pray, encouragement with difficulties having to do with prayer, and more!

How Should I Pray?

Dr. Kyle Strobel


M.A. in Christian Apologetics from Biola 
Public speaker and author for Stand to Reason

This video explores how we ought to read and interpret the Bible by following three simple steps, provides an example illustrating how we can use additional tools to investigate if our beliefs are supported historically, and more!

How Do I Read The Bible?

Alan Shlemon


Women & Christianity

Dr. Michael Brown

Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures
from New York University
Author, Radio host of the "The Line of Fire", founder and president of AskDrBrown Ministries and of FIRE School of Ministry

This video compares what Christianity teaches about women in comparison to the Talmud, and answers questions about the Jewish people and how to disagree in a Biblical manner.


Wesley Huff

Masters of Theological Studies from Tyndale University
Director of Central Canada for Apologetics Canada

This video surveys what Christianity teaches about women throughout the Bible, answers objections raised by critics, and explains how Jesus' teachings on the equality of people have impacted our world even today.

Allison & Nick Quient

Allison Quient- ThM from Fuller Theological Seminary
Nick Quient- MAT from Fuller Theological Seminary 
Hosts of podcast The Split Frame Of Reference

In this video we explore what "Egalitarianism" is, how it contrasts with Complementarianism, personal negative experiences, Bible verses that support Egalitarianism, and more.  


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