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Should I Do The Bare Minimum For Others?

My son paused for a moment, and took a closer look at their closet that I was organizing. I waited nervously to find out what his reaction would be. Would he hate it? I acted normal. He smiled my way in approval and called his older sister to come check out what mom had done in the room. She came over, the second inspector, and again I hoped there would be no tears like there had been in the past when I had tried to improve things around the house more frequently than they preferred. She also smiled and told me, "I'm proud of you mom". She also approved the changes I made.

Moments before this, I had a pile of laundry on my bed that had been waiting for me a few days. On good days, I am able to do it right away. On busier days, it gets put back into the laundry hamper at the end of the night where it came out of. Wrinkles the next day, so be it, it's late. This pile of clothes was on my bed the second time around, and I thought about the laundry hacks other moms have shared. I thought to myself, "Should I try the Marie Kondo method again?" I considered another method I had also heard where you just throw clothes in their designated drawer. Who really needs wrinkle-free pajamas and underwear anyway?

And then I thought, it would help their life be a little more easy if I fold their clothes, yes, even the tiny underwear. So I did. I went through their drawers that had been needing organizing, and the kids noticed the difference. Now they'd be able to find and pick out what they want to wear more easily. Sure, it will only be a difference of a few seconds, but still, I can find meaning in folding laundry if I think about it this way.

If Jesus washed his disciples' feet, I can fold my little ones' clothes with humility and love too. Sometimes the temptation may be to do as little for someone else as possible, but Jesus would have us serve one another like he did for us as our Lord, leaving an example for us to follow. We can gradually grow in this area as we go about doing the small details for others each day with a heart that wants to please the Lord.

"even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Matthew 20:28

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