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Is God Your King?

These days, we tend to think of ourselves more highly than what people under a monarchy might have in a different time of history. We hear a lot of entitlement statements like, "We have the right to" and fill in the blank. Living in a democracy though, may put us in a disadvantage to better understand God as King. We may confuse His Kingdom for a democracy, and mistakenly live as though what we think or want has an equal weight to what God knows and commands.

Jesus taught us to pray to our Father, and he included these words in that prayer:

"Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." Matthew 6:10

That is the order in God's Kingdom. It is God's will that rules, not the will of the people. We don't vote about what we want His Kingdom to look like. Our own beliefs fall flat to God's omniscience, and His good nature. We are His creatures, and He is our Creator. That is the order, like it or not.

In any Kingdom, the people living in it benefit from having a King to protect and provide for them, but there are also people that can form a mob to try to overcome the Kingdom. Not surprisingly, this occurs in God's Kingdom as well: rebellion. Anyone that does not want to obey the King's commands is living in rebellion to the King, and cannot be a part of the Kingdom. Remember, this is not a democracy where there are people that can disagree with each other, and the majority rules with checks and balances. In God's Kingdom you obey and enjoy being a part of his good Kingdom for all eternity, or you rebel and have no part in God's Kingdom.

We are the mob. Our sin is a direct rebellion against God himself. This is why Jesus came proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom (Matthew 4:23). He told us to repent, believe in him, and follow Him. No one can be a part of this Kingdom if they don't first repent of their rebellion against this King, and trust his provision of forgiveness through his son Jesus Christ. Once we are permitted into God's Kingdom, we obey Him as our King, and He provides the Holy Spirit to dwell within us as our Helper (John 14:26).

Here is a video that talks more about God's Kingdom and how it relates to prayer.


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