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Dear Christian Apologists

I have decided to share my thoughts as though I were writing a letter to any Christian apologist that will read this, although it might have been more effective if I would have titled it something more along the lines of: "The Case For Why Women Don't Seem Too Interested In Apologetics". I am writing to you as someone fairly new to apologetics that has come to observe a few things, which I hope you will take into consideration and receive as a gentle encouragement from a sister in Christ. I write to both men and women apologists, as well as to anyone else that might potentially find that this information will encourage them to study Christian apologetics. Of course I don't pretend to speak for every woman, except this one.

Here are 5 reasons to support my case:

Reason #1: Women Don't Know What They Don't Know

Who is your target audience, and does it include women? If your goal is to teach apologetics to both men and women then there needs to be more diversity in the manner you present your material, as well as the content. If the goal is to build your own reputation and distinguish yourself from the rest, then continue to present your material in a way that very few people will be able to understand. There is a place for conversations at a higher level, but if your goal is to equip Christian women to evangelize to the lost, to help them go more in depth into the truth of Christianity, and to equip them to prepare the next generation of believers they are currently raising, then everyday women need to be able to understand you. The subject matter should also include topics that women may find more interesting than men. When they can first understand what you are saying, then they can become aware and interested in what they don't know. Follow Jesus' example and keep your words simple. This isn't to say that women are not capable of understanding the material as is, but there is more that can be done to take into account everyone.

Reason #2: Women Don't Know Why They Need To Know It Since there may not be too much eagerness from churches to teach apologetics, this may already be communicating the wrong idea to women that learning Christian apologetics is optional and not a worthwhile endeavor to pursue. Aside from Christian apologists reaching out to churches, there needs to be specific education for why Christian apologetics is relevant specifically to women. Sometimes debates on whether or not women can teach in church can get in the way of encouraging women to go deeper into studying the truth about Christianity. There needs to be an equal expectation communicated by the Church that both men and women are responsible for loving God with their mind, as well as stating the greater benefits that come when both do this together.

Reason #3: Women Don't Know How They Will Be Able To Learn It You've made the necessary changes, and have convinced women of their need for learning apologetics, but now how do they get started? Reading an apologetics book, or listening to an apologetics discussion for the first time can feel like listening to a language you're unfamiliar with. Creating training opportunities for new students would make it an easier transition for women eager to get started.

Reason #4: Women Don't Have Flexible Options To Learn It

When considering training opportunities for women, please do remember that every woman has unique circumstances, and may require extra grace and flexibility. A young mom and an empty nester will have different challenges and being mindful of those realities will result in reaching more women. Women should not have to feel that they can't learn apologetics at certain seasons of their life, and the training opportunity requirements should not eliminate some women from doing so.

Reason #5: Women Don't Feel Your Humility

The last reason should remind everyone sharing about apologetics that we are supposed to be aspiring to be servants, following the example of Jesus. Jesus spoke the truth with authority and humility. Women interested in apologetics may become repulsed by a lack of humility displayed by an arrogant apologist. Choosing words carefully is just as important as what is being communicated. Women need to feel apologetics discussions are a safe place where one can be vulnerable and ask questions. If an apologist laughs at a question, or brushes it off quickly, this may be embarrassing for the woman asking it and may discourage her from asking questions in the future. A lack of humility promotes an environment where new students don't feel they belong. Ultimately, the goal for teaching Christian apologetics should be to reach more people for God's Kingdom. If we're not careful, pride may slowly feed into the ego of apologists and they may instead work towards creating their own kingdoms and building their own following. Let us rather teach and learn with humility always, just as Jesus showed us is possible.


a woman


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