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Babylon Bees Sting "Woke" Intruder In The Beehive

The fake news headline said, "Parents Disguising Kids As Illegal Immigrants So They Can Receive In-Person Teaching". According to @ContextBee, "This article is referencing the fact that illegal immigrant children are receiving in-person teaching before legal children in San Diego school districts". Here's the delicious honey that drew me, the supposed woke person, into the hive.

Above is a link to the full satire article, which I personally did not read. In fact, this has nothing to do with the actual purpose for this article, instead it has everything to do with the manner The Babylon Bee chose to depict immigrant children, or as they specifically called them, "illegal immigrant children". I'm in favor of anyone pointing out inconsistencies within politics, or seemingly disingenuous hypocrisies. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about making a satirical point in my estimation.

So what rattled the beehive that led them to sting the woke intruder, supposedly me? This:

Among the most notorious and "amazingly humored" bees' comments were as follows:

The above little bee (and the likes that keep going up) went straight to belittling my intelligence, and this one below did it in Spanish:

The next, like most of the comments, assume I don't understand satire. Rather, it seems some people don't understand that there can be prejudices within satire that should be called out, and they seem to believe everything should be allowed because it's a joke.

What's interesting is that the comments section actually makes my point. There are people that hold to hostile views of immigrants and find this satire hilarious, because it feeds their political views that justify belittling and dehumanizing people, and yes, this includes within "jokes".

Another interesting thing happened in the bees attack. Some bees said it was not offensive to them, even though they were the ethnicity being depicted:

Actually, many evils have been done to people throughout history that have been "comedically" depicted unrealistically (stereotyped): people justify their racism, adopt poor views of others, belittle them, and create a them verses us mentality, among other things. A little research about the experiences of other minority groups and how they have fought against comedic depictions would be an educational experience for some of these bees.

But at the root of what seems to have rattled many bees is the idea that if anyone has anything negative to say about their anti-illegal immigrants views, this automatically makes them a foe, a "woke" person and they deserve the worse Twitter Land and The Babylon Bee hive will allow:

Being labeled "woke" for a very short comment on Twitter seems comical, especially since no one really understands my personal political views. What seems true is that both political "sides" are polarized. It's all or nothing. There is no middle ground. We attack those we oppose. We ask no questions. We assume anyone that says something contrary to our beliefs are not intelligent and can only mean what I think they mean.

As a follower of Jesus, I follow Jesus. I follow his truth and his love. This means if there is something that goes against this love God teaches us to have, including for "illegal" immigrant children, then I point out where a "Christian Satire" twitter post is lacking that. I challenge people to think critically of images and jokes. Like I said in the beginning, I would have been fine if the child representing an "immigrant" appearance was accurate, but then it wouldn't really be funny, now would it? Because if they had painted the American boy's face a shade darker that would have been called out as black face. So what really sets an "illegal" immigrant child apart is his appearance apparently, this article seems to imply subtly, or the comical stereotype that is out there about how all immigrants look. Since when is wearing a hat the way we present Americans, or people of other ethnicities? How many non-immigrants have mustaches, but why is the disguise an American boy needs to wear to look like an immigrant child a mustache and a hat? If you don't see the bigger picture behind "jokes" I guess I can't help you understand it.

Someone posted the picture I chose in the beginning to describe me, but I think it actually describes people that seem to say, "leave your thinking outside of the realm of humor". And yes like the last "sting" I will share below says, I was triggered, but not for the reasons that person implied. I'm triggered by things that don't promote truth and love, and so I must bid The Babylon Bee farewell, because of their lack of being consistent with these 2 things, in particular relating to this article's picture, and for apparently not disagreeing with the belittling and racist comments in this thread.


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